faq / care

what are dream mats made of?

dream yoga mats are made of a PVC foam that is 100 percent free of latex and heavy metals. The inks and dyes are phthalate-free.

dream yoga mats have a high-performace non-slip grip and are extremely durable.

what are the dimensions?

74 in long x 24 in wide x 1/4 in thick

dream yoga mats are longer and thicker than most standard yoga mats.

how much do they weigh?

Lightweight and durable, dream yoga mats weigh 3.6 pounds.

care of your mat:

Hand wash after each practice with a gentle soap solution or a natural cleanser.  Do not machine wash.  Limit exposure to direct sunlight.

Roll your mat to store it.


dream yoga mats provide a grounded feeling but many mats are slippery when you first get them. There is a light film on each mat. To remove this film spray your mat with water or tree tea oil and rub down using a cloth. Your mat will get less slippery with use. If you sweat when practicing you may expereince some slipping.  We recommend using a towel.  Place the towel below your design so that you can still receive the enjoyment and benefits of practicing with your dream mat


We use a high-quality, poly thread. It is colorfast and bleachable. However, we do not recommend washing your mat or vigorously cleaning the design. Use your design as a focal point in your practice and place your hands and feet below or around the design.