about dream yoga mats

Tired of looking at a boring blank mat during your downward dog and plank poses? dream yoga mats ensures inspired yoga/Pilates/exercise sessions with colorful embroidered yoga mats.  Recently founded in Aspen, Colorado, dream yoga mats has quickly evolved into a nationally distributed brand of exclusive exercise mats.  Just as yoga fashion has developed, so has the inspired yogi or devoted Pilates fan. From beginners to die-hards, fitness fanatics are looking for a fun way to distinguish themselves with signature mats and accessories.  The beautiful designs on each mat are also functional; providing the perfect focus for centering and balance.  At dream yoga mats, we create custom embroidered mats that enhance and express each individual’s practice.

Nicole Tarumianz, founder and CEO of dream yoga mats, is an Aspenite and mother of two, who practices yoga in the Rocky Mountains. While leading a successful monogrammed gifts and home accessories business, Nicole discovered a niche within the yoga industry.  She added stylish logos to yoga mats and soon discovered high demand for her new product. After a successful exhibition at the New York International Gift Show, she launched dream yoga mats in early 2010, now distributed to over 100 high-end boutiques and lifestyle stores around the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Aspen.  dream yoga mats has also crossed international borders and is currently sold in Mexico City, Saudi Arabia and Bogota, Columbia.  Nicole practices yoga with the lotus flower on her mat as an important reminder of her goal:  continued growth and awakening in all aspects of her life.

dream yoga mats are made of a latex and rubber free PVC foam material. Our mats contain no heavy metals and the inks and dyes used in production are phthalate-free. dream yoga mats are extra long for comfort and extra thick for great cushioning. The foam material is extremely durable and will last much longer than most yoga mats. Featuring a sticky high-performance grip, dream yoga mats easily transition from a bamboo studio floor to softer surfaces at home. dream yoga mats are 24 inches wide, 74 inches long and 1/4 inches thick.

dream yoga mats are available in twelve signature mat color options and several design choices. dream yoga mats’ exclusively created designs include our tree of life, lotus flower, om symbol, sun burst and inspirational words. From Asian-inspired symbols to chic dragonflies and peace signs, we are always adding new designs. Choose your color mat and your design. If you do not see a design/color option you are looking for please contact us. dream yoga mats are meant to inspire imagination!

In addition to being distributed at national retailers, we offer branded yoga mats for hotel groups, spas, resorts, businesses and corporations.  We’ve created yoga mats with company logos for such high-end properties as MGM Mirage’s Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Strategic Hotels and Resorts, Tucker’s Point Bermuda and more.  dream yoga mats offer fun, branded alternatives to traditional in-room amenities and make for the ultimate take-away from a fantastic resort escape, spa retreat or hotel stay.  

dream yoga mats offers a unique and creative way to express yourself during your practice.  The original designs on our environmentally friendly, custom embroidered mats provide a focal point giving you strength, inspiration or simply a happy moment during the day.  Why practice on a blank mat?  Please contact us at 970.618.0997 or email orders@dreamyogamats.com.