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“With all the time I spend in yoga, it is so refreshing to focus on the lotus symbol in lively pink at the top of my dream yoga mat.  Great idea, great execution.”  A.K. Kennedy, Founder, Hyde Yoga, www.yogahyde.com

“My dream yoga mat is the perfect travel mat.  It is so light and fits easily in my suitcase.  I love being able to take my mat with me on trips.”  Laura Siciliano 
Baltimore, MD

“While I practice on my dream yoga mat, I fixate on the embroidered symbol at the top.  I initially chose the peace sign as a mantra I wanted to realize. When what I hope to focus on differs, I select other symbols: om, lotus, tree of life.  A full set of mats with each of the symbols helps facilitate a balanced practice.“  Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson
, Director and Chief Curator
Aspen Art Museum, www.aspenartmuseum.org