Love Peace and Joy to all on and off your yoga mat this Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day. I have always viewed Valentine’s Day a little bit like New Year’s Eve.  It seems a little forced, a little too Hallmark-y for me AND I really am trying to keep myself and my family away from sugar so all in all not one of my favorite holidays.  But this year I […]

Hope you have some sunshine today too – either outside or on your mat!

So I have a confession to make…I really like Pure Barre.  Are you familiar with it?  It’s been pretty in vogue for a few years now.  I like to exercise and also I like to be outside whenever I can.  Some days I feel like my whole day is consumed by exercise or the thought […]

Peace and Tranquility Off The Yoga Mat

Hello friends. I just returned from a week-long retreat in Napa Valley held at White Sulphur Springs.  The retreat was centered on personal and spiritual growth.  We were to be completely disconnected from our lives for seven days.  No cell phones, computers, tvs, magazines, books or newspapers.  This also meant no exercising (including yoga), meditating […]

Happy Holidays from Dream Yoga Mats!

Happy Holidays from Dream Yoga Mats! Seems all I have been doing lately is shopping. I started off trying to find the perfect present but lately it has become more like “checking things off my list”.   I do feel good about a few of my purchases though…Taylor Swift tickets for my 10 year old daughter […]

dream yoga mats Available At Target.Com

We are excited to announce that Dream Yoga Mats will be available on  Starting September 2014 Target Corporation will offer Dream Yoga Mats on their website.  Visit and search for Dream Yoga Mats.  For a limited time Dream Yoga Mats will be offered on Target’s site for $24.99.  Take advantage of this special, […]

New Site Launching in September!

New Site Launching in September!   dream yoga mats currently offers 8 yoga mat color options and several design choices including a peace sign, om symbol, lotus flower, dragonfly and more. If you do not see a design/color option you are looking for please contact us. We can also work with you to create a […]